Covid19 has changed the landscape of the event industry. With people getting more cautious about hygiene and social distancing, events now are all either going online or going hybrid (a mix of online event elements with offline event elements). Taking into account this trend, we have come up with our very own Virtual Photo Booth. As the name suggest, this service is essentially just like a photo booth service. Just that now, instead of us going to each of your guest’s home and set up a photo booth, our photo booth is now in the hands of your guests! All your guests have to do, is to visit the URL to your event’s Virtual Photo Booth using their smartphones. Then, they can enjoy the whole photo booth experience at the comfort of their home! 

In additional to the usual photo capturing capability, our Virtual Photo Booth also comes with other exciting features as well. It allows your guests to capture GIF and Boomerang videos, and even decorate and enhance the captured shots using filters and digital stickers. If you are looking to further impress your guests, you can even consider adding our virtual background removal feature. This feature can automatically remove (up to almost 100% accuracy) the background of your guests and replace it with a chosen digital background without the need of an actual green screen!

We’ve built our Virtual Photo Booth with the interest of event organisers and hosts in mind. As such, it has good ability to brand, customise and white label accordingly. Check out more details below now!


Below shows an info board we did for a NDP 2020 event. As a host/organiser for your event, you can have such info board printed out and placed on site (for an offline event) or sent out as a digital mailer (for an online event). We will provide you with the QR code. Virtual Photo Booth Demo

How to use our Virtual Photo Booth

Step 1:

Visit the Virtual Photo Booth URL using your smartphones. For optimal experience, iOS users will need to visit the URL using Safari. For Android users, please visit the URL using Google Chrome.


  • This URL will be given by us to you. Do share it with your guests accordingly. If need be, we can pass you a QR code which upon scanning, will direct your guests to the event’s Virtual Photo Booth. This QR code can be sent out to your guests via digital email or printed and put on site for your guests (for hybrid events). The image on the left/top shows an example.
  • By default, the URL will be like If you require a white labelled URL, please see the table below under Add Ons.

Step 2:

Follow the steps prompted accordingly in our Virtual Photo Booth. You can choose to take a photo, take a GIF or capture a hilarious Boomerang video. Customise your captured shots accordingly with filters, stickers or even virtual backgrounds!

Step 3:

Once done, you can email the final output to yourselves. Alternatively, you can download it out directly to your smartphones.

Our Virtual Photo Booth Package

To see a demo, click on the image below and you will be directed accordingly. Altenatively, you can visit the URL directly (

** For optimal experience, please visit this Virtual Photo Booth on your smartphones. If you are on iOS, please use Safari. If you are on Android please use Google Chrome.

This is a Virtual Photo Booth we did to celebrate Singapore’s National Day in Year 2020. This is a FULL working demo. As such, you can see a lot more customised overlay designs and stickers for all the various experiences. Do note that in our default package, there are not so much customised overlay designs/stickers. You can see what is included in our default package on the right/bottom. If you require more customised overlay designs/stickers, you can consider having an Add On (see table below).

  • Three virtual experiences available – Photo, GIF and Boomerang
  • Photo
    • Guests can choose to take a photo or upload an existing photo in their smartphone
    • Guests can enhance their photo with 1 of the 11 different filters available
    • 2 x fully customised photo overlay design 1
    • 2 x fully customised digitals stickers 1
      • In total, there will be 7 digital stickers available. 2 will be fully customised to your event. The other 5 are from our standard sticker library.
  • GIF
    • Guests can enhance GIF captured with 1 of the 11 different filters available
    • 1 x fully customised GIF overlay design 1
      • Can be static or animated
  • Boomerang
    • Ability to add background music to each Boomerang video captured
    • 1 x fully customised Boomerang overlay design 1
  • Branded interface
  • Fully customised email message
  • Access to softcopies after event via our online gallery


  • 1 You can revise the design for free up to the first 3 times. Every subsequent revision is at $30.

Our Virtual Photo Booth Add-ons

The top image depicts a photo of a guests captured in front of a ‘busy’ background. It is unsightly. With our virtual background removal add on, automatically the background can be replaced with a digital image in an instant. This is perfect and most ideal during the Covid19 period, whereby your guests will most likely be at home when they are participating in your virtual or hybrid event. Now, your guests will no longer have to tidy up their home or waste time finding the perfect background before they can capture their photo. 

Please note that this virtual background removal add on only works on the Photo and GIF experience. It is not compatible with the Boomerang experience. 

Below is a list of add-ons compatible with our Virtual Photo Booth. To learn more about the pricing details for each add on, feel free to reach out to us directly.

Add OnDescription
Additional customised overlay design for PhotoAn additional customised overlay 1 can be added to the Photo experience. Our Virtual Photo Booth can support up to a maximum of 5 different customised photo overlay designs.
Additional customised overlay design for GIFAn additional customised overlay 1 can be added to the GIF experience. Our Virtual Photo Booth can support up to a maximum of 3 different customised GIF overlay designs. Note that each customised GIF overlay designs can be static or animated.
Additional customised overlay design for BoomerangAn additional customised overlay 1 can be added to the Boomerang experience. Our Virtual Photo Booth can support up to a maximum of 3 different customised Boomerang overlay designs. Note that each customised Boomerang overlay designs can be static or animated.
Additional customised stickerAn additional customised sticker 1 can be added to the Photo experience. Our Virtual Photo Booth can support up to a maximum of 10 different stickers.
Digital Photo MosaicA digital photo mosaic makes use of many small photos to form a large image. Photos captured by our Virtual Photo Booth can be used as a photo source for a digital photo mosaic. We will provide you with a live feed link whereby guests can see their photo taken being used to form part of the final photo mosaic. This provides an additional level of entertainment and engagement for your guests.
Virtual Background RemovalWith this add on, backgrounds of photos taken by your guests can be automatically removed and replaced with a digital background image. This is done without the need of an actual green screen backdrop. Using artificial intelligence technology, our Virtual Photo Booth can detect with near 100% accuracy the silhouette of your guests can then remove his/her background accordingly and replace it with the chosen digital background. See the sample above for an example. Please note that you will be able to allow your guests to choose from 2 different digital background image. We will work with you accordingly on the design of these 2 different digital background image 1.
Instant PrintingThis add on is perfect if you are running a Hybrid (Online & Offline) event. Photos captured by our Virtual Photo Booth will be printed out by us (back in our office) in a fully customised printout design 1. We will then pass all these printouts to you to distribute it to your guests. You can choose from different printout sizes (4R, Half 4R, Wallet) and even different printout types (magnets, notebooks etc.). Do reach out to us separately for more discussion if you wish to have this add on.
White labellingWith this add on, we will white label the whole Virtual Photo Booth experience accordingly. There will not be any mention of our brand. This includes the URL of the Virtual Photo Booth, which will be like

1 You can revise the designs for up to 3 times. Each subsequent revision is priced at $30.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do my guests need to download any app to use your Virtual Photo Booth?

No. Your guests do not need to download any app into their smartphones. Our Virtual Photo Booth is essentially a web URL. All that is required for your guests is to have the relevant web browsers no their phone. For iOS users, they need to visit our URL using Safari. This will not be an issue as Safari is by default the web browser on iOS. For Android users, they need to visit our URL using Google Chrome. 

I only want to enable the Photo experience for my guests. I would like to disable the GIF and Boomerang experience. Is that possible?

Certainly! To provide the most value to our guests, we will always enable all 3 experiences by default. However, if you wish to disable any of these experiences, just let our team know accordingly and we will prepare it for you.

How can I add more customised overlay designs?

Our default package already includes a few customised overlay designs for each of the experience (see table above on Package). If you wish to add more customised overlay design for any of the experience, you can consider topping up an Add On (see table above on Add Ons).

If we wish to print out the GIF / Boomerang captured, is that possible?

No. It is not possible. The Add On stated above for Instant Printing is only valid for the Photo experience.

Will the URL for the Virtual Photo Booth for my event ever expire?

Yes. The price of our package depends on the number of days in which you want your Virtual Photo Booth to be live (and available to your guests). Thus, after the agreed upon number of days, the URL of your Virtual Photo Booth will expire and your guests will not be able to enjoy the Virtual Photo Booth experience anymore. 

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