Humans are visual creatures. We like to see pictures, and videos more than text. According to a research done by Flimp, videos engage between 400% to 700% more than plain text. Hence, if you are thinking of ways to engage your guests during your event, you should considering utilising our Live Photo Feed.

Photos taken at your event (via our instant print servies) will get shown instantly and live onto a real time feed. Laughter is almost guaranteed when your guests see all the whacky photos they’ve taken appear live on the screen in front of them. If you ask us which is better – a slideshow looping through the same old images/photos, or our Live Photo Feed showcasing photos taken at your event in real time? We would definitely prefer the latter 🙂

How does our Live Photo Feed works?

Live Photo Feed

Engage us for at least one of our instant print/video booth services 1

1 Not all our instant print/video booth services can be integrated with our Live Photo Feed service. Please contact us separately to double confirm first.

Live Photo Feed

Our technician will be on site to set up the live photo feed system. He will also optimise the gallery to fit your projection screen.

Live Photo Feed

Sit back and relax. Photo taken via our instant print service will appear in real time on your custom designed gallery.


  • Real time photo update
  • Photo slideshow functionality
  • Easily accessible via a web link. No application to download.
  • Technical support during service engagement duration
  • Please note that for our Live Photo Feed service, you will need to provide a laptop with Google Chrome installed, internet connection, projector and projection screen. If you need us to provide any of these item, there will be additional add on charges. Please see the next tab under “Add Ons”

Price: $150 *

* Our Live Photo Feed service is not a standalone service. Instead, it must be complemented with at least one of our instant print/video booth services. The duration of the Live Photo Feed service will be similar to the duration of the instant print service you engaged us for.

Add Ons

Add OnPrice
Rental of 2400 lumens projector and 1.8m screen$260
Rental of projection laptop$50
Provision of internet connection$50


How long do you need to set up?

We will arrive 1 hour beforehand to set up

For this Live Photo Feed service, what do I need to provide or cater for?

We will need you to provide a laptop (with Google Chrome installed), internet connection (for the laptop), a projector and a projector screen. Usually, your event premise will be able to provide you a projector and a projector screen. If you do not have any of the above mentioned items, you can get it from us. Please see the tab “Add Ons”.


How do I project the Live Feed Photo gallery?

Our Live Photo Feed gallery can be easily accessed via a web link. We just need a laptop with Google Chrome installed.There is no application or program to download. Then, this laptop will be connected to your projector.

What is the slideshow all about?

Each Live Photo Feed gallery will have a slideshow that will loop through all the photos/videos that were taken via the instant print/video booth services you engaged us for. When a new photo/video is detected, your Live Photo Feed gallery will be updated in real time. However, do note that like mentioned above, not all our instant print/video booth services can be integrated with our Live Photo Feed service. Do check with us separately first.