Experience our latest and most exciting service: th Magazine Photo Booth! Imagine stepping into a life-sized magazine cover and having your photo taken as if you were a celebrity gracing the front page. Our walk-in structure, designed to look just like a real magazine cover, allows guests to step inside and strike a pose. The result? Stunning photos that make it look like you’re featured on the cover of a high-end magazine. Perfect for events in Singapore, this particular photo booth service adds a touch of glamour and fun to any occasion, making it a hit at weddings, parties, corporate events, dinner and dance and more. Make your upcoming event unforgettable with our unique Magazine Photo Booth experience, where everyone gets to feel like a star.

How does our Magazine Photo Booth works?

Step 1:

Gather a friend or two, take some props and enter our magazine-like structure.  


Step 2:

Once you are inside, pose and position yourself accordingly. When ready our photo booth assistant will proceed to activate our photo booth camera for photo capturing.


Step 3:

Exit our magazine-like when done. All photos captured will be branded with your event’s customised branding border (see samples on the right) and get printed out instantly,

Our Magazine Photo Booth Package

Our Magazine Photo Booth structure can accomodate groups of up to 4 or 5 pax

  • Unlimited printouts
  • Option to include multiple photos in 1 printout 1
  • Choose 1 printout size out of the available 5 options (see next tab)
  • Fully customised printout design (with branding) 2
  • Protective plastic sleeves for all printouts
  • Standard props provision
  • Provision of custom build magazine photo booth structure
    • Inclusive of production and installation of die cut sticker for one logo, and 3 other different text area
  • Softcopies provision after event via our online gallery
  • At least 1 high speed printer
  • At least 1 staff on site


  • 1 Only valid for 4R, Bookmark and Half 4R printout size
  • 2 You can revise the design for free up to the first 3 times. Every subsequent revision is at $30.
Wallet (single-sided)7.6cm x 5.1cm
Wallet (double-sided) 17.6cm x 5.1cm
Bookmark (single-sided)15.2cm x 5.1cm
Half 4R (single-sided)10.2cm x 7.6cm
4R (single-sided)15.2cm x 10.2cm


  • To view more information about our various printout sizes, please click here.
  • 1 Please note that for our double-sided printouts, we do not print on both sides. We prepare one single-sided printout and then fold it into two to achieve the double-sided effect. Click here to see an example.

    Our Magazine Photo Booth Add-ons

    Below are a list of add ons compatible with our magazine photobooth. For more pricing and details about each add on, feel free to reach out to us directly.

    Add OnDescription
    Customised foamboard propsPrinted on 5mm thick hard foamboard. Price starts at $15 per piece for sizes up to A3. For bigger sizes and other materials, please get in touch with us separately.
    Live photo feedPhotos taken can be streamed in real time for projection. Please click HERE for more details
    Removal of brandingThere will be no branding on any part of our set up.
    Emailing stationWith this add-on, your guests can email their photos instantly to themselves.
    Mini branding enclosureThe exterior of our photo capturing booth (placed in front of our magazine photo booth structure) will be fully branded with your event's branding (sticker cladding)
    WhatsApp photo sharingWith this add-on, your guests can WhatsApp their photos instantly to themselves.
    QR code photo sharingWith this add-on, your guests can scan the QR code (on our system) and receive their photo instantly on their mobile phone.
    Sticker printoutsPhotos captured will be printed on sticker photo paper. This is only valid for selected printout sizes.
    Magnetic printoutsPhotos captured will have a magnetic backing. This is only valid for selected printout sizes.
    Plastic card printoutsPhotos captured will be directly printed on a hard plastic card.
    6R printouts Photos captured will be printed on 6R photo paper. Printout size is 15.2cm by 20.3cm.
    Metallic surface printoutsPhotos captured will be printed on metallic surface photo paper. This is only valid for selected printout sizes.
    Square printoutsPhotos captured will be printed on a full 4R printout size (6 inch by 4 inch). The photo will be embedded within a 4-inch by 4-inch portion. The remaining 2-inch by 4-inch portion (which is perforated) can be separately torn away. This is ideal for creating square printouts while retaining a part of the printout as voucher for event promotion or brand advertising.


    • For our customised foamboard props, you can revise the design for free up to the first 3 times. Every subsequent revision is at $30.
    • For our Live Photo Feed, we will only provide the software for our Live Photo Feed. You will need to provide a laptop (with internet connection), projector and a projection screen.

    For this service, we will arrive 1.5 hours beforehand to set up.

    We will require the following logistics:

    • A space of 3m by 3m
    • Access to 1 x 13amp power socket
    • 1 table for our props. If you are unable to provide us with the table, kindly let us know. We will arrange for our own table accordingly.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long will it take before my guests can collect their printout?

    After a photo has been captured, our magazine photo booth can process and get the final printout ready in about 1minute.

    How big is your magazine photo booth structure? How many person can fit into it?

    It is 220cm in height, 183cm in length and 98cm in depth. It can fit about 2 to 5 pax.

    I’m not sure if my event venue has such a big space for your Magazine Photo Booth. What should I do?

    Get in touch with us via our contact form or call us at +65 9247 6520. We will then arrange to do a site visit to double check everything.

    Step into Stardom with our Magazine Photo Booth

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