Capture full 360 degree view of your guest with our Revolve 360 video booth. Our professional 360 video camera will rotate 360 around a platform and capture a short video of your guests dancing, posing or struting their stuff! Automatically, our software will kick in to process the video with special effects (slow motion, back and fro etc.) and embed it with your event’s branding. Within minutes, your guests will then be able to email this final video to themselves.

Unlike our 360 Time Stop booth which uses a lot more cameras, our Revolve 360 video booth only uses 1 camera. As such it is not able to create time freeze/bullet time effect. Instead, what it can create is cool videos with 360 view of your guests. Ideal for award ceremony (for celebrity/stars to flaunt their outfit) or large scale red carpet event, get in touch with us now and let our Revolve 360 video booth dazzle your guests.


How does our Revolve 360 Video Booth works?

Revolve 360 Video Booth step 1

Grab a friend or two* and stand on top of our Revolve 360 Video Booth platform

*Note: Due to safety reasons, our platform can support only a maximum of 3 people

Revolve 360 Video Booth step 2

Once ready, our friendly video booth assistant will activate our 360 video camera. The camera will start rotating around the platform, capturing a 10-15 seconds of you and your friend dancing/posing.

Revolve 360 Video Booth step 3

Once done, step down of the platform. Approach our staff to get your very own Revolve 360 video emailed to yourself

Our Revolve 360 Video Booth Package


  • Unlimited video recording
  • Instant editing of all Revolve 360 videos (slow motion, back and loop etc.)
  • Instant emailing of all Revolve 360 videos
  • Option to include fully customised Revolve 360 video overlay design (with branding) 1
  • Standard props provision
  • Softcopies provision after event via an online gallery
  • At least 1 staff on site

1 This refers to a fully customised branding design overlaying your Revolve 360 videos. We will work out the design for you based on your guidelines. You can revise the design for free up to the first 3 times. Every subsequent revision is at $30.

Price: $1,780 for 2 hours
Every additional hour at $120

Add Ons

Add OnPrice
Customised props 1$15 per piece 1
Removal of branding$100
Customised email message 2$100
Branding Enclosure 3$1500
Platform sticker 4$200

1 For size within A3, printed on foam board material. For bigger sizes and other materials, please visit HERE.

2 You can customise the email message that is being sent to your guests (together with the video file). This is a perfect way to obtain branding exposure or inform your guests about certain information (such as your new product etc.). The email message can be pure image (kept below 500kb) or a mixture of image and text.

3 Because our 360 Revolve video camera captures a 360 view, it will capture footage of the event’s premise as well. With this add on, we will build a fully branded circular enclosure in which our whole 360 Revolve platform and camera will be inside. As such, we will not capture any unsightly footage. Both the interior and exterior of the enclosure can be fully branded with your branding.

4 This will be a circular sticker that will be stick to our platform. Size is 75cm in diameter. Other shapes is possible as well as long as it is within 75cm by 75cm

Set Up

Coming soon


How long do you need to set up?

We will need at least 2.5 hours to set up.

How big a space do you need?

We need a space of about 3m by 3m. Space is to be near to a power source.

I’m not sure if my event venue has such a big space for your Revolve 360 video booth. What should I do?

Get in touch with us via our contact form or call us at +65 9247 6520. We will then arrange to do a site visit to double check everything.


How big is your Revolve 360 video booth platform?

Our platform (the place your guests will stand on) is a circle with 1m diameter. Rotating around is the arm that we will attach our camera to. Taking into account the rotating arm, the whole set takes up about 2m by 2m space. However, for smooth operations, we require a space of 3m by 3m.

How long will it take before my guests can email the Revolve 360 video they’ve taken to themselves?

The Revolve 360 video will be made available for your guests to email it to themselves within 1 to 1.5 minute after recording.