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Believe it or not, videos are the next big thing. Compared to photos, videos has a better ability to really tell a story or convey a message. In fact, there’s a common saying that if a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million. Major social media websites such as Facebook and Instagram both recognise this fact and has since introduced various video supports to their platform. Truth is, we are going to witness more and more videos being in the near future.

Here at Instantly.sg, we are keeping up with the times and have thus came up with our own vlog video booth. As the name suggests, our vlog video booth allows your guests to capture videos instantly. All they have to do is stand in front of our camera and our vlog video booth software will do the rest. All videos recorded are then saved in social media friendly format (.mp4 format) for instant sharing on sites such as Instagram or Facebook.

There are various applications for our vlog video booth. The video on the left depicts our vlog video booth recording wishes for Singapore during its birthday in Year 2018. We were engaged by National Heritage Board to set up our vlog video booth at National Museum of Singapore. During our 7 hours of service, we recorded a total of 181 birthday wishes.

Another usage of our video booth is at a corporate events. Instead of having guests writing down their wishes or thoughts, our video booth recorded alumni members talking and saying their wishes or feelings for the association. All these videos were played at the end of the dinner, ending the night on a perfect note!

How Does Our Vlog Video Booth Works

Step 1:

Position yourself in front of our camera. With our live view monitor in front of you, you can see yourself in real time. Pose and position accordingly. If you wish, grab a friend or two to join you.

Step 2:

Pick a question / cue card from our box. Prepare your answers. When ready, our friendly Vlog video booth assistant will activate the camera. Instantly, our camera will start the recording process. Speak loudly and clearly.

Step 3:

After you are done with your recording, proceed out of our Vlog video booth. Our second assistant will assist you with regards to emailing the video to yourself.

Our Vlog Video Booth Package

Our Vlog video booth works perfectly well for weddings too. Traditionally, couples will have a guest book on site for their guests to write down their wedding wishes. Now, with our vlog video booths, we record footages of guests wishing the couple. To spice things up a little, we also worked with the couple to come out with interesting questions for their guests. All the videos can then be compiled together to form one nice final video (to be played when the banquet is ending) like the above.

  • Instant emailing of all Vlog videos 1
  • Options to decide on video recording duration 2
  • Option to include fully customised Vlog video overlay design (with Instantly.sg branding) 3
  • Provision of questions slips / cue cards
  • Audio recording
  • Standard props provision
  • Choose 1 backdrop from our standard range
  • Softcopies provision after event via our online gallery
  • At least 1 staff on site


  • 1 Your guests can instantly email the video (which is in mp4 format) to themselves after their video have been captured. The email will be fired from our emailing system (an Instantly.sg email address) and is in our standard default email template. If you wish to customise the email content, you can do this via our customised email message add on (see next tab).
  • 2 By default, we will set the video recording duration to be 1 minute. For past experience, this is usually more than enough. If your guests finish their recording before the 1 minute is up, we can stop the recording too. The maximum video recording duration you can set is 2 minutes.
  • 3 This refers to the fully customised branding design overlaying each vlog video. See the very first video above for an example, where there is an overlay image at the bottom. We will work out the design for you based on your guidelines. You can revise the design for free up to the first 3 times. Every subsequent revision is at $30. Of course, this design overlay is optional. You can choose not to have it as well.

Our Vlog Video Booth Add Ons

Below are a list of add ons compatible with our Vlog video booth. For more pricing and details about each add on, feel free to reach out to us directly.

Add OnDescription
Customised propsPrinted on 5mm thick hard foamboard. Price starts at $15 per piece for size within A3. For bigger sizes and other materials, please get in touch with us separately 1.
Customised backdropSize of 235cm by 235cm. Please note that the lead time for manufacturing a customised backdrop is about 5 to 7 working days.
Photo booth capabilityWith this add on, our Vlog video booth system will be enhanced to include our photo booth service. Think of it like a 2 in 1. Upon arriving at our booth, your guests will be able to choose to either take a photo or record a video. Features included for our photo booth service can be found HERE. Please note that this price of $400 is only for 2 hours of photo booth capability add on. For every additional hour, price is at $110. Also, in such case, the Vlog video overlay design will be adapted from the photo booth printout design.
Removal of Instantly.sg brandingThere will no Instantly.sg branding on any part of our set up.
Customised email messageWhen guests email their videos to themselves via our portal, the email message they received is fully customised.
Vlog videos compilationAfter our service ends, we will look through all these short vlog videos, do some basic editing and compile them into one single video. The video above, under “Our Vlog Video Booth Package” section is one such example. You can showcase this compiled video at the end of your event. Note that we will require 1.5 to 2 hours to do this compilation.
Mini branding enclosureOur whole Vlog video booth system will be enclosed in a mini branded column structure.
Full branding enclosureOur whole Vlog video booth system will be enclosed in a fully branded enclosure of dimensions 2.2m (L), 1.8m (B), and height of 2m.
Live photo feedVideos taken by our Vlog video booth can be streamed in real time for projection 2. Please click HERE for more details.
WhatsApp stationWith this add on, your guests can WhatsApp their videos instantly to themselves. You can customise the text caption tagged to each WhatsApp message sent.


  • 1 You can revise the design for free up to the first 3 times. Every subsequent revision is at $30.
  • 2 Note that we will only provide the software for our Live Photo Feed. You will need to provide a laptop (with internet connection), projector and a projection screen.

For our Vlog video booth service, we will arrive 2.5 hours beforehand to set up.

We will require the following logistics:

  • A space of 3m by 3m
  • Space to be near to a power point
  • 2 tables. 1 for props, 1 for our computers
    • If you or your venue is not able to provide this. Kindly let us know. We will prepare our own tables accordingly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does your Vlog video booth comes with an actual videographer?

No. Our Vlog video booth uses our own custom Vlog video booth software to capture the video. We’ve created our Vlog video booth software such that your guests can see themselves live in the monitor positioned in front of them. As such, they can pose and position themselves accordingly. We will always have one Vlog video booth assistant present on site to guide your guests accordingly. Once all is good, he/she will start the recording process via activation of our software.

How long will it take before my guests can email the video they’ve taken to themselves?

Generally speaking, a Vlog video will be made available for your guests to email it to themselves within 1 minute. However, do note that as the duration of the recorded video increases, more time will be needed to process the video. As a result, the time taken before your guests can email the video to themselves will increase.

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