Photo Mosaic Canvas

The best keepsake for your event – Photo Mosaic Canvas

Looking to create a unique memorabilia for that special event of yours? Perhaps your wedding or an anniversary occasion? Look no further. Check out our Photo Mosaic Canvas! Using proprietary photo mosaic technology, we can create a nice photo mosaic using multiple different photos. The final photo mosaic is then produced, printed on canvas and attached to a solid wooden backing.

Perfect for both hanging at home or for your display at your event, we are confident that our Photo Mosaic Canvas is the best one of a kind souvenir you can ever get. Get in touch with us now to place your order 🙂

Product Details

  • Dimensions: A2 (420mm by 594mm) 1
  • Orientation: Portrait or Landscape
  • Aspect ratio of source photos 2: Either 3:2 or 1:1
  • Number of source photos to complete photo mosaic: ~ 140 3
  • Mosaic image 4 to be provided to us
  • Lead time: 7 working days after confirmation of completed mosaic image 5
  • Self collection at our office


  • 1 If you wish to do a photo mosaic canvas in any other size, please reach out to us separately for quotation
  • 2 Source photos refers to the individual photos used to complete the mosaic
  • 3 This is an estimate. The number of source photos required to complete the photo mosaic may differ based on the aspect ratio of source photos you chose
  • 4 This refers to the image that is to be revealed after all the source photos have been used to complete the photo mosaic.
  • 5 After we receive all the source photos from you, we will run our photo mosaic software and generate out a few versions of the completed mosaic image. Each version differs with regards to its blend and tuning intensity. After you confirm the version you want, we will then start production and get it ready within 7 working days.

Add Ons

Photo Mosaic Process Video

With this add on, you will receive a full recording of the process of your photo mosaic forming. This video is about 30 minutes long. Play it on loop during your wedding / event banquet and you can be sure to capture the attention and entertain your guests as they watch in anticipation the final mosaic image forming. Please see above for a sample. 


Photo Mosaic Process Video (Short)

Sometimes, you may just want a short video of the photo mosaic forming process. In such case, this add on will be most ideal for you. The original photo mosaic forming process is about 30 minutes long. Now, we will do some post video editing to make this video about 2 to 3 minutes long. This video is most ideal for your own keepsake (say in your mobile phone) or for playing just before the start of your wedding or event. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does your Photo Mosaic Canvas only comes in A2 size?

By default, the standard size for our Photo Mosaic Canvas is A2. We find this size the most ideal. However, if you wish to have a Photo Mosaic Canvas in a different size, please reach out to us separately. Base on your size requirement, we can then advise you on the number of source photos needed, the price and also the lead time. 

What is the difference between your Photo Mosaic Wall and this Photo Mosaic Canvas?

Our Photo Mosaic Wall is a service. One whereby we go to your event and produce a photo mosaic on site. In contrast, our Photo Mosaic Canvas is a product. You pass us your source photos, we create the photo mosaic back in our office, get it produced on canvas and then deliver the whole product to you. 

Can the Photo Mosaic Canvas be hanged?

Yes. The reverse of the Photo Mosaic Canvas have a metal string. You can hang the Photo Mosaic Canvas using this metal string. Below is an image of the reverse side of our Photo Mosaic Canvas.

Photo Mosaic Canvas Reverse

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