Customised Photo Booth Props

From $9 per piece onwards

One particular element that makes a photo booth successful is in the props. In fact, we believes that the single element that creates the ‘IT’ factor for any photo booth is the photo booth props. Ultimately, people just want to have fun. And without interesting photo booth props, taking photos will be a bore, just like any serious portrait photography. As the theme and nature of each event is different, we offers customised photo booth props services so that your photo booth will have special props related and unique to your event.

All in all, as long as a design can be digitally printed, we can get make it into a prop for you. For instance, a photo of your dog, an Instagram frame with custom caption, or a picture of your company logo etc. The sky is the limit! Check out at some of the past customised photo booth props we’ve did before on the left/bottom gallery.

The price of our customised photo booth props depends on the material and the size.

  • Material
    • We offer three kind of materials for our customised photo booth props.
    • They are foamboard (also known as kapaline board), IN-2mm and IN-5mm. Please see next tab “Material Comparison” to understand more about the materials we use for our various customised photo booth props materials.
  • Size
    • We charge a fixed price (for a fixed kind of material) as long as all your design/artwork are fit into that size.
    • For instance, if you have 10 design, and they are all inside an A3 size, then we will charge you the price of it for A3. 
MaterialWithin size of A4Within size of A3Within size of A2Within size of A1Within size of A0
(also known as Kapaline Board)


  • All artwork has to be provided by you. If you require us to do the design, there will be a design fee involved. Please see next tab “Design Fee” for more details.
  • Prices above are EXCLUSIVE of die cutting to shape. Meaning, by default, we print your artwork out in rectangular shape. If you require us to cut your customised photo booth props, there is a die cutting fee of $30 per design. For instance, if you have 3 A3 size design you want to print in Foamboard material and die cut to shape, total price is $135 [($15*3)+($30*3)]
  • Lead time: 2 to 3 working days after confirmation of artwork
  • Self collection at our office
    • If you require us to delivery the customised photo booth props to you, there will be a delivery charge of $35. See next tab “Delivery Charges” for more details
MaterialThicknessHardness / Brittleness
(also known as Kapaline Board)
5mmEasily bend. Soft in nature and very brittle.
IN-2mm2mmEasily bend, but harder than foamboard material. It is also more flexible and less brittle.
IN-5mm10mmHard and can't be break easily.
SizeDimensions (in mm)Dimensions (in cm)Dimensions (in m)
A4210 x 29721.0 x 29.70.210 x 0.297
A3297 x 42029.7 x 42.00.297 x 0.42
A2420 x 59442.0 x 59.40.420 x 0.594
A1594 x 84159.4 x 84.10.594 x 0.841
A0841 x 118984.1 x 118.90.841 x 1.189

Design fee is at $150 per design with 3 free revisions. Every subsequent revision is at $50.

Delivery charges is at $40 to one location in Singapore. Kindly note that our delivery schedule is as below

  • Weekdays
    • Between 10am to 6pm daily
  • Weekends and Public Holidays
    • No delivery 

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