One particular element that makes a photo booth successful is in the props. In fact, in our blog post “What makes a perfect photo booth“, we highlighted that photobooth backdrops and photo booth props combine to be the element that creates the ‘IT’ factor for any photo booth. Ultimately, people just want to have fun. And without interesting photo booth props, taking photos will be a bore, just like any serious portrait photography.As the theme and nature of each event is different, we offers customised photo booth props services so that your photo booth will have special props related and unique to your event. As long as a design can be digitally printed, we can get make it into a prop for you. For instance, a photo of your dog, an Instagram frame with custom caption, or  a picture of your company logo etc.  The sky is the limit!

Customised Photo Booth Props


MaterialWithin size of A4Within size of A3Within size of A2Within size of A1Within size of A0
Foam Board$8$15$29$40$78

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  • NOTE
  • Prices above excludes design fees and delivery charges. Please refer to the subsequent tabs.
  • Prices above includes fees for customised shapes (i.e., die-cutting service)

Design Fees

Design fees is charged at $50 per design with complimentary 3 free revisions.

Subsequently, every revision is charged at $30.

Delivery Charges

Delivery charges is charged at $35 per trip.

No delivery charges for self collection at our office (16 Shaw Road, #04-03).

Size Guides

SizeDimensions (in mm)
A4210 x 297
A3297 x 420
A2420 x 594
A1594 x 841
A0841 x 1189