Commonly known as Bullet Time, Time Freeze or the Matrix effect, our 360 Time Stop booth is the first 360 degree multi DSLR camera system in Singapore, that capture a moment at the same instance from 360 degree. Using at least 25 cameras and advance custom triggering technique, we are able to trigger/fire all the cameras together simultaneously, creating extremely creative and cool effects. For example, if someone is doing a jump shot, the final 360 Time Stop video will show him/her floating in midair viewed from 360 multiple angles! See the video below for an example.

Being a leader in experiential marketing, we want to help you/your brand obtain maximum branding exposure. Hence, we allow all the 360 Time Stop videos taken to be custom branded with your own branding. This is done immediately and automatically after the shot has been snapped by our custom time stop software.

If you are looking for a service that with the ultimate WOW factor, this will be the exact service for you. However, do note we will require a space of 6m by 6m for our 360 Time Stop booth set up. If space is a concern for you, you may wish to consider our 180 Time Stop booth instead.

Steps to enjoy our 360 Time Stop Video Booth

Step 1:

Grab a friend or two and enter our 360 Time Stop booth. Strike a pose on the spot we’ve marked out.

Step 2:

Next, our friendly staff will cue you and snap a shot via our 360 Time Stop system. Instantaneously, multiple shots from all the cameras will be triggered and captured.

Step 3:

Once done, you may proceed out to get your very own 360 Time Stop GIF video emailed to yourself.

Our 360 Time Stop Package

  • Unlimited 360 time stop videos capture
  • Instant emailing of all 360 Time Stop videos
  • Option to include fully customised 360 time stop video overlay design (with Instantly.sg branding) 1
  • Option to add background music to final 360 time stop video
    • Choose one royalty free background music from our audio library
  • Standard props provision
  • Black interior and exterior curtain 2
  • Softcopies provision after event via an online gallery
  • At least 1 staff on site


  • 1 This refers to a fully customised branding design overlaying your 360 Time Stop Video. An example will be the 360 Time Stop video we did for Coach as seen on the left/top. We will work out the design for you based on your guidelines. You can revise the design for free up to the first 3 times. Every subsequent revision is at $30.
  • 2 This refers to the inner and outer curtains enclosing our 360 Time Stop rig. If you require custom branding on these curtains, kindly refer to the below tab (Add Ons)

Our 360 Time Stop Add-ons

Below depicts a 360 Time Stop video whereby the client chose to have a fully customised inner curtain and a fully branded floor sticker. You will notice a custom 360 video overlay animation on it as well. 

Below are a list of add ons compatible with our 360 time stop video booth. For more pricing and details about each add on, feel free to reach out to us directly.

Add OnDescription
Customised propsPrinted on 5mm thick hard foamboard. Price starts at $15 per piece for size within A3. For bigger sizes and other materials, please get in touch with us separately 1.
Instant printoutsWith this add on, our 360 Time Stop booth will be enhanced to include our photo booth service. We will obtain the photo taken by the center camera of our camera array and then embed it into a fully customised printout design template. That printout will then be printed out instantly and passed to your guests. Features included in our photo booth service can be found HERE. Prices for this add on is as follows. If our service is up to 6h (within a day), then there will be an additional charge of $400. If our service is more than 6h (within a day), the additional charge will be $500. If you hire our service across multiple days, then the additional charge will be multiplied accordingly with the number of days.
Removal of Instantly.sg brandingThere will no Instantly.sg branding on any part of our set up.
Customised email messageWhen guests email their 360 Time Stop videos to themselves via our portal, the email message they received is fully customised.
Inner branding curtainFully customised curtain made of fabric. Size of 13m length by 2.4m height.
Outer branding curtainFully customised curtain made of fabric. Size of 14m length by 2.5m height.
Floor stickerThis floor sticker will be installed on your venue’s floor, right in the middle of our 360 Time Stop booth.
Live photo feedVideos taken by our 360 Time Stop videos can be streamed in real time for projection 2. Please click HERE for more details.
WhatsApp stationWith this add on, your guests can WhatsApp their 360 Time Stop videos instantly to themselves. You can customise the text caption tagged to each WhatsApp message sent.
Custom 360 video overlay animationWith this add on, we will create a custom animation overlaying your 360 Time Stop video. See the video on the left/top for an example.


  • 1 You can revise the design for free up to the first 3 times. Every subsequent revision is at $30.
  • 2 Note that we will only provide the software for our Live Photo Feed. You will need to provide a laptop (with internet connection), projector and a projection screen.

For our 360 Time Stop Booth service, we will arrive 6 hours earlier to set up.

 We will require the following logistics:

  • A space of 6m by 6m
  • Access to 2 x 13amp power socket
  • 1 table for our props. If you are unable to provide us with the table, kindly let us know. We will arrange for our own table accordingly.
  • Note that our actual booth dimension is 4.5m (diameter) by 2.5m (height)

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Frequently Asked Questions

How big is your 360 Time Stop booth?

The structure we use is 4.4m in diameter and at a height of 2.3m. However, for smooth operations, we require a space of 6m by 6m.

How long will it take before my guests can email the 360 Time Stop GIF video they’ve taken to themselves?

The 360 Time Stop GIF video will be made available for your guests to email it to themselves within 1 to 1.5 minute.

I’m not sure if my event venue has such a big space for your 360 Time Stop booth. What should I do?

Get in touch with us via our contact form or call us at +65 9247 6520. We will then arrange to do a site visit to double check everything.

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