Our Kaleidoscope Video Booth is a one of a kind video booth service which can instantly create interesting kaleidoscope effects from the video captured. By mirroring, reflecting and manipulating the captured video in a variety of ways, the final end video will end up looking as if it was actually viewed through a real kaleidoscope! In additional, our Kaleidoscope Video Booth software also has the ability for you to include a fully customised overlay design and add a background music to the final kaleidoscope video. We are confident that upon receiving the final Kaleidoscope video, your guests will be amazed and in awe at the final effect 🙂


How does our Kaleidoscope Video Booth works?

Step 1:

Take some props, and grab a friend or two. Position yourself in front of our camera. With our live view monitor in front of you, you can see yourself in real time. Pose and position accordingly.

Step 2:

Once ready, our friendly kaleidoscope video booth assistant will activate our kaleidoscope video camera. Dance, jump or just go crazy! We will record 4 second of footage.

Step 3:

After you are done with your recording, proceed out of our kaleidoscope video booth. Our staff will then assist you with regards to emailing the kaleidoscope video to yourself.

Our Kaleidoscope Video Booth package

  • Unlimited kaleidoscope video recording
  • Instant emailing of all kaleidoscope videos
  • Option to include fully customised kaleidoscope video overlay design (with Instantly.sg branding) 1
  • Option to include background audio on recorded kaleidoscope videos
  • Standard props provision
  • Softcopies provision after event via an online gallery
  • At least 1 staff on site


  • 1 This refers to a fully customised branding design overlaying your Revolve 360 videos. We will work out the design for you based on your guidelines. You can revise the design for free up to the first 3 times. Every subsequent revision is at $30.

Our Kaleidoscope Video Booth Add-ons

Add OnDescriptionPrice
Customised propsPrinted on 5mm thick hard foamboard. Price starts at $15 per piece for size within A3. For bigger sizes and other materials, please get in touch with us separately. 1$15 per piece
Customised backdropMade of fabric. Size of 244cm by 228cm. Lead time of 5 to 7 working days. 1$195
Photo booth capabilityPlease refer to information below 2$400
Removal of Instantly.sg branding There will no Instantly.sg branding on any part of our set up. $50
Customised email messageYou can customise the email message that is being sent to your guests (together with the video file). This is a perfect way to obtain branding exposure or inform your guests about certain information (such as your new product etc.). The email message can be pure image (kept below 500kb) or a mixture of image and text.$100
Branding EnclosureOur whole kaleidoscope video booth system will be enclosed in a fully branded structure.$450


  • 1 You can revise the design for free up to the first 3 times. Every subsequent revision is at $30.
  • 2 With this add on, our kaleidoscope video booth system will be enhanced to include our photo booth service. Think of it like a 2 in 1. Upon arriving at our kaleidoscope video booth, your guests will be able to choose to either take a photo or record a kaleidoscope video. Features included for our photo booth service can be found HERE. Please note that this price of $400 is only for 2 hours of photo booth capability add on. For every additional hour, price is at $110. Also, in such case, the kaleidoscope video overlay design will be adapted from the photo booth printout design.

For our Kaleidoscope Video Booth service, we will arrive 1.5 hours beforehand to set up.

 We will require the following logistics:

  • A space of 3m by 3m
  • Space to be near to a power point
  • 1 table for props
    • If you or your venue is not able to provide this. Kindly let us know. We will prepare our own tables accordingly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take before my guests can email the kaleidoscope video they’ve taken to themselves?

The recored kaleidoscope video will be made available for your guests to email it to themselves within 1 to 1.5 minute after recording.

I’m not sure if my event venue has such a big space for your kaleidoscope video booth. What should I do?

Get in touch with us via our contact form or call us at +65 9247 6520. We will then arrange to do a site visit to double check everything.

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