Call us old fashion, but we like our photos to be printed out in hardcopy. At, all our services, have the option for unlimited printouts during the service timeframe. We offer a total of 5 kinds of printout sizes. Each printout come together with its own fully fitting protective plastic sleeves. More information about each printout size is listed below.

Instant Print Services Printout Sizes Availability

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Wallet (single sided)
Wallet (double sided)
Half 4R (single sided)
4R (single sided)
Bookmark (single sided)

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Wallet (single sided)

Dimensions: 7.6cm by 5.1cm

Wallet (double sided)

Dimensions: 7.6cm by 5.1cm

Please note that for this printout size, we don’t actually print on double side. Instead, we print out a strip and then fold it into two to acheive the double sided effect. Kindly click HERE to view an illustration

4R (single sided)

Dimensions: 15.2cm by 10.2cm

Bookmark (single sided)

Dimensions: 15.2cm by 5.1cm

Half 4R (single sided)

Dimensions: 10.2cm by 7.6cm