Having organised events before, we fully understand the needs of event organisers. More often than not, other than ensuring the event turns out to be a success, you as an event organiser will also be tasked with marketing responsibilities such as to increase your brand’s exposure, to increase awareness of your brand etc. We understand the need for such marketing responsibilities and  we want to help you (event organisers) to achieve your marketing objectives. Hence, in additional to our various instant print and video booth services, we have come also come up with various marketing tools that can address the marketing needs of your event.

How It Works?

Here at Instantly.sg, the process for a guest to get their photo printed can be a little different. Usually, after a photo arrives at our system, our staff will then print it out and pass them to your guests. This is our default workflow should you wish to not incorporate any marketing tools. These photos can be photos from our Live Instagram Printing service, photos taken from our DSLR via our Photo Booth service, photos taken via our professional photographer via our Roving Photography service etc.

However, with marketing tools in place, your guests will now have to do an ‘action’ before they can trigger our printer for printing. This action can be to provide their email address, or share the photo on their personal Facebook wall. Through all these actions, information will be collected and marketing exposure will be generated.

As of now, we have three available marketing tools. They are illustrated as below.

(1) Leads Generation

This tools will allow you to collect details about your guests. Based on your requirement, you guests will have to fill up a form first before they can get their photos printed. Fields included in this form can be name, phone number, email address etc. Our platform will collect these details and then pass it to you in Excel format after the event. These leads will allow you to further engage and reach out to the guests who were at your event.

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(2) Facebook sharing

This tool will allow your event and brand to obtain exposure on the world’s largest social network, Facebook. Usually, after taking a photo via a Photo Booth, your guest will just collect a physical printout of the photo taken, and that’s it. However, with this tool in place, it will require your guests to share the photo taken on their personal Facebook wall (if they have a Facebook account) first before they can collect their printout. The photo taken (which is embedded in a customise template featuring your brand) will be posted and shared across Facebook. Lots of Facebook users will see the photo, allowing your brand to gain huge exposure. Special message and hashtag can also be included as caption to the photo.

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(3) Customised Emails

For all our services (both instant print services and video booth services), we can set up an emailing station at your event premise for your guests to email the softcopy of the photo or video to themselves instantly. Even though, we are the ones firing out the emails (via our own Instantly.sg email address), we allow you to customise the email template. Meaning, you can include any message, links back to your website or even a special promotion offer/code in that email. This will not only allow you to obtain emails of your guests (we will provide them to you after the event), but can also allow you to engage with your guests after your event.


All in all, we would like to clarify that this list of marketing tools is not exhaustive. Our marketing tools are demand driven and the possibilities is endless. We have the technical capabilities to customise marketing tools for you based on your requirements. So feel free to reach out to us if you have plans to integrate marketing tools with any of our services.