For our Live Instagram Printing service, only the Selection printing mode is available. Meaning to say, we require your guests to proceed to our printing portal to select the number of copies he/she wishes to print. Click HERE to read more about our printing mode.

Any new photos uploaded to Instagram tagged with your chosen hashtag, will automatically appear and enter our printing gallery. Our printing gallery will be displayed on our printing portal which will be at present at your event.

To have their photos printed, your guests will have to do the following

Step 1: Come to our printing portal and choose the photos that he wishes to print by clicking on that particular photo.
Step 2: Choose the number of copies he wishes to print
Step 3: Collect printouts

Note: Your guests also have the option to email a softcopy of the photo to himself or MMS the photo to his phone

Click HERE to read more about our Live Instagram Printing service