Sometimes, our standard photo booth backdrop may not suit your event’s theme. This is when having a customised photo booth backdrop will be most ideal for you. Our customised photo booth backdrop is made of fabric and is most ideal for our photo booth service. Compared to other standard PVC photo booth backdrop, it is more light absorbing, and less wrinkle free. As long as an image can be digitally printed, we can get it done up to be a customised photo booth backdrop. Do note that all our customised photo booth backdrop have to be placed on a special backdrop stand (as you can see from the above photos). The backdrop stand is custom made to fit the customised photo booth backdrop and it will ensure that the customised photo booth backdrop is stretched tightly for the best photo taking effect.

In fact, because of how professional looking our customised photo booth backdrop is, we have clients using it for other purposes as well. For instance, placing the customised backdrop within their exhibition booth during an expo for quick photo taking and marketing purposes.


If you purchase any of our relevant instant print packages,
each customised backdrop is available at a top up price of  $195

If you are purchasing our customised backdrop as a standalone, it is priced at $480 (without backdrop stand)

Do note that the above prices are not inclusive of the backdrop stand and any design work.

If you require the backdrop stand, a top up of $100 is required.

If you require design work, additional fees is required. Please check the third tab.

Other Information

All our customised backdrop is made of fabric material.

Each backdrop will require a special backdrop stand for display. If you purchase the backdrop only, we will provide the backdrop free of charge on a rental basis for your event.

Our standard customised backdrop is 228cm tall and 244cm wide

The customised backdrop (and backdrop stand, if you purchase one) is yours to keep after your event.

Our customised backdrop is available in other sizes as well. Please contact us separately for more information.

We generally need a lead time of about 10 working days for production.

Design Fees

Design fees is charged at $50 per design with complimentary 3 free revisions.

Subsequently, every revision is charged at $35.

Delivery Charges

Delivery charges is charged at $50 per trip.

No delivery charges for self collection at our office (16 Shaw Road, #04-03).


Is your customised backdrop available in other sizes?

Yes. We can create customised backdrop of various sizes according to your specifications. Do drop us a mail at [email protected] for more information.