Organizing an event is tough. Trust us, we’ve been there, done that. Other than fulfilling the main purpose of the event, more often that not, you as an event organizer will also have to ensure that through the event you are marketing the event’s brand and increasing its exposure. At the same time, you are also looking at engaging and delighting your guests so that they can have a good time at your event. This is no easy feat. True enough, you can always hire different vendors to work on different areas of your event to fulfill these two needs – market your brand and delight your guests. But honestly, as we all know, coordinating and communicating with different vendors is frustrating with the never ending to and fro, to and fro.

This is where, is here to help.

We are a one stop event photography agency that helps event organizers market their brand and delight their guests through customised event photography solutions.

Within the core of our business, is a full range of photography services such as Live Instagram PrintingInstagram Live FeedPhoto Booth and Roving Photography. And on the side, we have marketing tools available for you to integrate them into these photography services. These marketing tools are all built with one purpose in mind – to help you increase your brand exposure and address your marketing needs. In a gist, how these marketing tools work is this. To have a photo printed out at your event (be it an Instagram photo printed using our Live Instagram Printing service, or a photo printed using our Photo Booth service or Roving Photography service), your guest will have to first perform a simple marketing action. It can be to hashtag their photo, share the photo on Facebook, or to leave down some details (leads generation). Only when an action has been completed will the photo be printed out. And because we write our own software here at (we do not use any third party software), we have the technical capability to fully customise and come up with something you need should our current available marketing tools be not suitable for your event. You can read more about our marketing tools HERE.

So regardless of what kind of events you are having next, be it a corporate event, a company roadshow, a private party, a wedding, or a birthday party, we are confident that we can help you address your marketing needs and delight your guests.

Wait no further and get in touch with us now 🙂