Having done a fair share of photo booth services at various events, from corporate, to wedding, to children’s parties, we have met many different kinds of guests at our booth. Grouping our experiences and observations, we round up five different kinds of photo booth guests – which group do you belong?

Type 1: The “Re-takers”

Also known as the Perfectionists. They have high standards when it comes to photos, and are usually not satisfied with the first shot, which are usually deemed as the ‘trial test’. People belonging to this group quickly learn their best angles after a few tries before they are ready to strike that perfect post for the best memorabilia photo of the night.

Usually spotted at corporate events with a killer suit or beautiful dress, complete with a million-dollar smile.

Type 2: The “Mr and Miss Shy”

Having your photos taken alone by strangers can be a daunting task. This group could be spotted hovering around the booth looking for a right chance to take the stage, but are social creatures that prefers group shots to solo shots. Upon invitation to snap a photo by our staff, they’re usually the first to respond with “don’t want la, shy!” before running away. However, they’re ready to jump into action when their best pals show up – or at least, someone they know are around.

Usually spotted at kids parties; mothers of young children tend to shy away from our booth unless they manage to sit their child with them. Cue pouty little faces as the kids eye their toys and playmates from afar. 

Type 3: The “Too many props, too little shots!”

At Intantly.sg, we do pride ourselves in the array of props available. Naturally, some guests tend to get very fascinated and spoilt for choice. They can never decide which props suit them best, and would try out a couple of props at the same time. Occasionally, they’re the ones handing out props to their fellow friends, making sure that no one gets left out. They have a tendency to stick with the basic ‘fake spectacle’ prop at the end of the day, but good things are meant to be shared so they have no qualms!

Usually spotted when their friends start to holler their name, having done waiting for them with a fixed smile for too long.

Type 4: The “We Keep It Classic”

Classic photo booth pose


The group that does the same classic poses, and shall we dare say – boring – poses? Perhaps it’s the nerves, for The Classics do prefer to stay within their comfort zones of rigid, fixed postures. Not that it’s a bad thing, but since photo booths are a rare chance to meet up with old acquaintances and long-time friends, just unwind and let yourself go for that bright, charming smile.

Usually spotted at weddings, especially when we are doing our gif booth; the older generation relatives of the bride and the groom, they tend to be more reserve, with the occasional ‘v’-sign on better nights.

Type 5: The “Think Out of The Box”


The young ones, oh, the youngins! They’re bold and tend to show some of the most creative, candid and fun poses, inserting their vibrant energy into each shot taken. Their bright laughter also helps to keep the momentum going for the next batch of guests. We love them and we thank them for their joyous mood, and these photos always make a great memorabilia – not only for them, but for our website.

Usually spotted in a group, where one of them happens to be a Type 3.


And that rounds off our list of ‘Five Types of Photo Booth Guests’. Which group do you and your friends belong to? Share the article and tag them, and let us know in the comments if we missed out a group you belong to!

PS: Whether you’re Type 1 or Type 5, here at Instantly.sg, we love all our guests and we will always be committed to deliver smiles and joys to each and every one of you at any event.

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